Visec License Plate Module

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Sophisticated research and development has produced the world's first IP based License Plate Recognition System. Our team of engineers was able to devise a series of complex algorithms, mapped using sophisticated super computer like simulations to create the fastest license plate recognition system in the world.

Visec License Plate Recognition Technology

  • Constructed using sophisticated AI models, such as deep learning algorithms, for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.
  • Utilizes NVIDIA's CUDA and GPU's virtual instruction set for parallel computational elements delivering the fastest AI.
  • Mapped and tested using Supercomputer Technology
  • Simulated via a Multiple Redundant High Speed Switching Fabric Array
  • Developed using logic derived from Chaos Theory and Fibonacci Sequencing laws

Visec AI technology can also alert when a vehicle has no license plate.

Easily Search license plates or even view cars with no plates

Visec's LPR module works perfectly with 99% of ONVIF IP cameras such as Acti, Axis, Bosch, Brikcom, CNB, CP PLUS, Dahua, Dynacolor, Geovision, Hanwha Techwin, Hikvision, Honeywell, LG, Mobotix, Panasonic, Qnap, Samsung, SANYO, and Sony.

  • Visec's LPR works worldwide supporting license plate recognition from over 80% of the countries in the world.
  • All LPR functions can be fully automated and integrated with 3rd party applications, such as remote databases, access control I/O's or simple on board processing.
  • Megapixel cameras can also be used to perform multi Lane LPR, saving deployment time and cost.
  • LPR detected plates are stored on Visec's main system while allowing a full comparison of remote license plates, local license plates, or exporting plates for 3rd party processing.

Visec LPR is used in many typical Applications:

  • Hotels - Hospitals - Airports - Valet Parking - Shopping Centers - Universities - Entertainment Centers -Toll Booths - Casinos - Repo Companies - Police 
  • Law Enforcement - Inside police cars for auto detections of plates
  • Check Points- A network of check points provide true random monitoring of stolen or wanted vehicles.
  • Traffic, Surveillance and Monitoring -Allows Traffic management from statistics, linear regression of pattern type surveillance to marketing data for new budgeting.cess Control - Utilizing I/O control LPR can trigger based on events a sequence of events. For example a stolen car, can automatically trigger an alarm and close a gate.

Parking Services-
Car enters --> License plate recorded ----> Gate opens --->Ticket prints
Full video surveillance of cars entering and exiting, GPS location logged
Integrate with Lift Arm Gates - Ticket Dispensers - Barcode Systems -Pay stations - RFID


Visec Mobile LPR Solutions

Visec also makes a self contained Mobile LPR WITH EMBEDDED GPS tracking


NOW FREE - 1 LPR camera license - Free for Life. to download

Visec is built for windows 10 & 11.
Minimum: dual-core processor (recommended quad-core)
Minimum: 8GB ram (recommended 16gb ram+)
Video Card: Modern GPU card (Nvidia suggested)