Protecting South Africa & the world for 18+ years with Visec® LPR Cloud™ & Visec® VMS (Visec is a registered trademark since 2002- view)  

Original Visec®.com and™ running in South Africa & 50+ countries since 2002- Accept No Imitations! Visec® cloud is owned and operated by Global Technology Asset Partners Inc. Visec has been in South Africa since 2002. We care about your safety because our family and friends live here. The Visec® Cloud, also called the LPRCLOUD SA™ is a LICENSE PLATE CLOUD™ approaching 2 billion license plates centrally stored on our private cloud. Visec® also has a local Video management software that allows you to record, analyze and playback video surveillance footage from connected cameras over the internet or locally via a direct connection.  Cities, municipalities and businesses use Visec software to connect to the VIsec® LPR Cloud™, where  License Plate data is analyzed and processed in real time. Visec® is Currently processing between 1-3 million license plates per day, with over 1.5 billion plates and 25 billion data elements.

Visec® Cloud 

  • Worlds First License Plate Recognition Cloud
  • Currently managing over 1 billion  license plates securely
  • Managed and maintained By Visec
  • Real time Cloud storage, retrieval and access
  • Visec® is  saving lives everyday with the latest in technology from the CLOUD.

Visec® Software

  • License Plate Recognition System- enables able to detect license plates at over 100 kilometers per hour utilizing advance mathematical algorithms 
  • Efficient and optimized for speed
  • Additional support for Qr Codes- Read QR codes at a 99.9% accuracy rate from normal ip cameras. Multiple QR codes can also be read simultaneously with a single camera.
  • Best Value- Most Competitively Priced System in the world for the Technology.
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Visec® Cloud- real time IOS/Android app

What's New?

License Plate Recognition Module

Visec's LPR module is the fastest LPR in the world, capable of reading license plates at close to 99.9% accuracy at speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour

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Case Studies

Modern camera technology, however, and in particular the rapid development in IP Video, are making smallerscale projects in smaller towns viable. Msukaligwa Municipality (formerly Ermelo), faced with escalating crime in the Central Business District (CBD), recently commissioned a camera surveillance system in conjunction with Ermelo Business Against Crime as a Public Safety project designed to make the streets safer, protect the interests of local business and promote tourism.

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News & Press

October 2021 Newsletter
October 2021 Newsletter .....Read more
South African Government Awards Visec Trademark
Visec receives trademark approval from the government of South Africa  .....Read more
Visec Releases GPS Web Server
Visec has developed and manufactured the Visec GPS Server, a standalone network embedded hardware device that provides real time GPS data location and GPS time logs. .....Read more
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